Friday, 11 May 2012

Bridging the divide to playfulness 

My goodness it's tricky thinking of names and slogans for something that's not yet fully formed. I’ve been asked to think of a slogan for my 'made curious' website but I feel like I’m naming and defining a child that will have to grow into its name, to know what it wants before it knows what the options are. At least I can change this one down the line if stops making sense as my business and interests evolve. I’m writing things down as they come to me. I’ll let them bubble away and brew into something just right for where I am now.

I'm realising how much a sense of meaning is important to me in what I do. Depth and thinking, despite getting me tangled in knots sometimes, draws me towards what I know in my heart if I listen. When it tangles me, I want to learn in that moment to let it go and allow my heart to tell me what to do. To take charge. To let my playfulness out and to push aside the endless thinking and second guessing that has hemmed me. That’s why I’m here, doing the 30dc.

Will it really mean the same to all the people who read it? The short answer is, NO probably not. I guess it'll be the same as my work in jewellery. I create something meaningful to me. I spread my message to those who are interested and trust that the meaning with which it was intended is understood, even in some small way. If not, a new meaning will take shape in its place. If the meaning, the message, doesn't speak directly to their hearts then it's not for them, not in this moment in time anyway. Not everyone will understand and that's ok.

Keep the meaning, rediscover and embrace the playful moments and my heart will soar.

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