Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The beginning of my imagined future

The other night I actually did it! I did something I'd been thinking about doing for quite a few years. It wasn't perfect but I learnt lots and it was heaps of fun! 

Want to know what happened?

I'd been curious about exploring ways that I could merge my arts education and coaching skills, to consciously put them together and find the sweet spot where they made sense together, where they had more clarity and purpose.

I wanted to give people a powerful and meaningful experience. To begin to feel what it was to take a step in a new direction in their lives and reconnect with their futures. A place where I believe in their innate creative energy and they learn to believe in it too. To be able to grab hold of something in their future that will draw them towards it and help them shine.

The pilot session of 'Imagined Futures- discoveries in vision jewellery' was launched into the world on Monday 28th May.

so many possibilites, which will you choose?

A group of 5 of my lovely friends, intrigued by the email I'd sent giving a mini idea of what I’d been thinking about, gathered together in a small education room. I'd laid out all the resources and materials I thought we'd need and taken a bit of time to tidy my brain so I could focus on what was about to emerge. 

I was willing to try and so were they.

We chatted and got comfortable, I said a little more about why I'd invited them and before long I was asking them to close their eyes, so we could begin a visualisation of a moment in their 'Imagined Future'.

getting started can be the hardest part

Once everyone opened their eyes there was a flurry of frantic scribbling of all of the detail they had seen inside. It was fascinating to watch, the unfolding, it looked like they were capturing something that they didn't want to get away from them. 

It made me smile!

We each had our vision and we set out to transform that vision into something tangible, something that represented what we saw for ourselves. A piece of jewellery that when we see it we could feel whether we were creating aspects of it in our lives...or not.

what can you do to capture the spirit of the vision?

Capturing something abstract, something with energy and approaching it differently than you might do otherwise.

a messy life can be a beautiful life

Creating something that embraces the fact that life won't always be plain sailing, or turn out the way you imagine it will, but focusing on seeing the bright moments, the flashes of colour and the moments of happiness. It all ties together.

capturing the details of your senses

These 2 pieces - both brooches- represent a vision of being by the sea, the textures, colours and tiny details that capture the feeling of all the freedom and energy of being there in that moment.

 'Like an island'


Movement, flow and energy,

 like a 'blissed out' jelly fish!

a garden called home

 A future memory of being in a garden, one day having her own garden, of being in her mum’s garden, somewhere she feels happy and creative.

I loved the variety and the subtlety of metaphors that came out, especially from those who felt uncertain to begin with, those who didn't believe they were very creative. 

I understand so much more about what drives me in this now, what people value about this kind of approach and the possibilities for where it could take me and others if we're brave enough to take the next step.

I know I am!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so exciting Jaimie! I'd love to come to one of your workshops one day.