Tuesday, 21 May 2013

14th september- Independence, kindness and the joy of dancing

Today was my day off and independence day in Costa Rica. 

Still I worked th 9-12 shift despite only getting to bed at 4:30am. Exhausted! Felt drunk and dizzy

No hatchlings this morning. 

I cleared the beach of driftwood a little until it started raining. I was almost falling asleep while in the shelter. 

Irvin came along to say hi, and maybe he was still feeling bad about the branch incident as he brought me a bottle of juice and some crisps. Such kindness and care. 

I went home and slept from 1:30-2:20 and by 3pm was at the dock for our lagoon boat trip with Jason. Me, Ilse, Sarah and Eric.

It was great- We saw much the same as I saw on the cano negro,monkeys,birds,lizards and caimen but closer and in a smaller boat which we got to row as a team! great fun! Jason pulled us up close to an overhanging tree, where we found these fuzzy little pods.

fuzzy little fruit- guava seed pod
we love pink!

coasting along the river
do you see him? a basalisk lizard
taking a break from rowing
view from parismina dock

We arrived back to the village just in time to see all the chilren come out of the school with their fabulously colourful independance day lanterns ready to do a parade around the village. I walked home and was ready to see them come around again. There was so much energy, shouting, singing, drumming and excitment filled the air.

Dinner tonight was heavenly! Small and recognisably simple. A hamburger! Yippee! Ate it all and it was good! Tummy was vvvv happy to not be so full.

Around 8:30 I went to the bar to go dancing. Since it was such a special day for the village I wanted to join in the fun.

It was a little intimidating walking in alone, but I ordered a beer and sat down alone until Randy called me over to his table. I sat with him and some of his family and danced a while with one of them.

Later Jerry came to talk to me. We talked about the project, about Scotland, cultural things and a little about what I do. He was so supportive and said he would  help me on Sunday if I wanted to work with the children and show them some jewellery making ideas. As long as i keep it simple it'll be perfectly fine. 

Jerry asked me to dance as I'd said I don’t get to dance enough in Scotland.

IT WAS GREAT FUN!  We danced solo and salsa! I love salsa! Soooooo dizzy but fun. Apparently I dance well! YEAH!

Stayed out dancing until just after 11pm, and then Jerry kindly walked me most of the way home. 

I could have danced some more but I was very tired, and it was another very happy day in Parismina.

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